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Panco is  founded in 2013, the National High-Tech Enterprises and Shenzhen High-Tech Enterprises. Specialized in smart phone development, manufacture and sales over 10 years,Pancp is excellent in development of simple, delicate and high end smart products. our products have been exported to Europe, Russia, North America and Southeast Asia, globally including 80 countries and regions, supported by a group of royal customers.

Every project,from raw material procurement,production,testing,sales and customer service,are all strictly according to ISO 9001:2008 international quality management system.We insist on quality and technological innovation of products,which have all passed the strict international certifications as CE,RoHS,FCC etc.

Settled down to this field many years, new brand Panco broke through the soil, already registered brand globally in 50 countries, from here we sailing.

Official Website > Company Profile
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