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Evaluation of an ultra-thin shock-proof durable smartphone- PANCO C2

PANCO releases a new ultra-thin shock-proof durable smartphone- PANCO C23. As we know, PANCO C2 is equipped with toughened 2.5D Arc-screen...

Panco C10 not the best but the most appropriate

As PANCO’s first batch of differentiated and promised intelligent product sold in Southeast Asian market, C10 takes the responsibility of expanding the market. It will fly in the 3G market with wings. PANCO C10 is significantly different from similar products in terms of configuration. As people’s appreciation of beauty becomes increasingly picky, C10 is visually impressive...

Panco P1 is Released Officially, Definitely Attracting Eyeballs

The king of color new model P1 is officially unveiled, with unique features of super-slim body, full metal frame, 2.5D touch screen and colored BB paint back cover. It will be released in South-east Area recently.Now it comes as planned, making netizen excitedly say “you are finally coming out, luckily we are patient and have not given up.”...
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