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First global release a pre-sale of Panco N3 LTE


Panco is a famous mobile phone brand operating in the Chinese market and overseas market at the same time. With years of experience and great reputation among the clients , Panco is now one of the most popular manufacturer in this field.

After the big success of Panco K1, Panco group then released the 4G LTE smart phone to meet the trend of the market. As the overseas version smart phone which hits the market for the first time, N3 is a LTE-FDD full bands device. The bands covers GSM:850/900/1800/1900MHz WCDMA:850/900/1900/2100MHz FDD-LTE: 800/1800/2100/2600MHz. This phone supports LTE-FDD、WCDMA and GSM multiple combination dual card dual standby mode. Standard SIM card and micro card are both available. Also, this phone has 48 multi languages.

The first dual SIM card fingerprint sensor control smartphone

The delicate genuine leather case of N3 (with NFC antenna)

N3 is the newest 4G LTE smart phone after the wonderful K series of Panco. This phone has a cool , brilliant appearance. Following the “Simple” philosophy of Panco’s design, N3 looks very modern and exquisite. The ergonomics arc design gives this phone a fabulous hand feel. Metal wire drawing process on the surface together with the ultra-thin body offers a perfect showing of every single detail of this beautiful device.

The exquisite appearance of Panco, Ergonomics arc design

The front shell of N3 uses the aluminum magnesium alloy structure, advanced CNC craft, the materials are all first class. The middle shell is made from Vacuum plating + twice plating craft, top and bottom part uses the PMMA Diamond cutting. The back cover is very slim and soft, it is made of GE Super toughness PC, using the mechanical drawing and spraying baking craft. Such a top material and complex craft made device is only 139 g, how amazing!

There is also a mysterious fingerprint sensor on the back of N3.This sensor can be used to unlock the phone and encrypt certain apps with your fingerprint to protect privacy. Also, it’s available for touch screen control, which can be used to slide the screen to the right, left up and down side. When staying at the main interface of the phone system and the apps , one can use the sensor to switch the interface to the right and left side, when surfing the internet and reading e-books, the sensor can be used to slide up and down the screen. Meanwhile, in the camera mode, one can use this sensor for a convenient selfie. This sensor enhances the humanity of the phone, making it much easier for single hand operation.

Panco N3 Fingerprint Sensor

What other surprises can this phone bring to us? Let’s check more details about the configurations of N3.

Panco N3 uses the third generation Gorilla OGS screen, which is the most wear-resisting display screen for mobile phones. It’s also a super sensitive screen, supporting glove touching and wet hand touching. There’s also a group of shortcut gestures to lock the screen.

N3 is equipped with MTK 1.3GHZ quad core 4G CPU, which can operate various games and apps very smoothly. The system version is Android 4.4, with the 5 inch high resolution screen and the super narrow 2.0 mm frame design, the display effect is very impressive at the first sight.

Panco N3 cameras: front 8.0 MP+rear 13.0 MP F/2.0 big aperture

About cameras, N3 uses the Stacked CMOS HD module, front 8.0MP plus rear 13.0 MP combination, both supports auto-focus. F/2.0 big aperture, multilayer blue glass filter HD lens, which makes the photos and selfie more delicate, absolutely as good as a digital camera. What’s more, N3 has the 2800mAh full capacity battery, thus the standby time is completely guaranteed.

N3 also has the NFC function, which supports quick payment and other various NFC applications. Besides, the electronic compass and OTG is also equipped in this device.

4G is a new hot keyword for smart phones. This fabulous product N3 is another strategic step of Panco to occupy the high-end smart phone market. Not only will Panco consistently maintain the good cooperation with E-business companies, but also Panco will actively seek for more business opportunities with overseas clients in order to seize more market share in the area, and accelerate the process of an internationalized Panco.

Panco N3 European outdoor advertisement

In the global resource exhibition 2014 in HongKong, N3 made its first public appearance to the customers .This new product won high appreciation during the show. Judging from the current orders of this model, the exquisite Panco N3 really embraced a remarkable feedback. The Panco group will consistently persevere in the philosophy of “Simple, from a higher point of view”,spare no efforts to create more perfect products, dedicated to offer more wonderful experience to the global subscribers.


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