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2016 Panco Global Sources Show Waiting For You!


2016 spring series exhibition will be held from 11st to 30th April in Hong Kong Asia World-Expo, which is expected to have more than 7,500 booths, it divided into three periods to show innovation products from different industries. Mobile electronics show will be held from 18th to 21st, April. It will show the latest smartphones, tablets, wearable products and mobile electronic accessories.

Allan (The CEO of Panco) said: “PANCO company had been worked hard on the innovative high-tech products, trying to bring this kind of products to the market. This show will play an active role to further consolidate Panco as a high-end smartphone brand leadership, and expand the global market.

During this show, Panco will not only show the high, medium and low smartphones, but also bring the mobile intelligent peripheral equipment AC101: The new ntelligent product three-in-one (laser keyboard + bluetooth speakers + mobile power supply), what's more, Panco will release the information of the most development potential VR devices in this exhibition.

The product list of Panco will be as below:

High-end series: X10

Business series: P10

Popular series: P1

Affordable series: C1

Intelligent peripherals equipment: AC101

Exhibition name: 2016 Global Sources Hong Kong Electronics Show

Exhibition time: 18th ~ 21st, April, 2016

Exhibition Address: Hong Kong Asia International Exhibition Center

Panco booth No.: 7N16


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