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Panco C10 not the best but the most appropriate


As PANCO’s first batch of differentiated and promised intelligent product sold in Southeast Asian market, C10 takes the responsibility of expanding the market. It will fly in the 3G market with wings. PANCO C10 is significantly different from similar products in terms of configuration. As people’s appreciation of beauty becomes increasingly picky, C10 is visually impressive.

MTK6580A 1.3GHz Quad-core processor

PANCO C10 adopts the new generation of MTK6580A 1.3GHz Quad core processor, updated Android 6.0. We can deploy intelligently based on actual application, adding the 1GB RAM and 8GB Storage Memory. It supports up to 32GB TF expansion, flexible with consideration of both large game and daily use, smooth progressing of video display.

Large HD screen and perforce imaging technique

PANCO C10 has 2.5D arc glass in front, 5.5 inch large HD LTPS low temperature screen based on polycrystalline silicon process, supported by 8MP major camera with sharp and detailed image generation, natural and normal white balance in dark environment makes each moment of your life eternal. With front-facing 5 mega-pixel camera, lightened and processed image will be delivered as long as you press down the shutter down. With C10, you can record the beautiful moment of life anytime when you are walking in the nature, which will bring you different visual impression.

Fashion and super-thin design

PANCO C10 has fashion, simple and aesthetical look. Its metal frame adopts CNC arched high-gloss processing technology, fine and agreeable. It delivers perfect touching feel. Built-in 3000mah large-capacity battery, the perfect combination of super-thin body and large battery, elegant metal frame based on drawing process together with super-thin visual thickness. The design is of strong visual impact.

Customized UI home screen

In addition, it has OS1.2 customized UI interface developed by PANCO, C10’s PANCO theme and wallpaper market, as well as multiple window switching. Several practical and beautiful rotary player and timer shaft photo wall is developed as focus.

PANCO C10 as a sincere work of 3G, exhibits unique design concept all the time: large HD screen and simple and fashion design, AAC BOX sound system is compatible with UI player, battery of super large capacity and super thin design. PANCO C10 is going to be sold in the Southeast Asian market. For local purchasers: there is nothing best but the most appropriate. There is sufficient reason to select PANCO C10.


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