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PANCO Debut 2017 Hong Kong Spring Electronics Exhibition


April is a busying season and full of spring. In the beautiful April, the electronics exhibition sponsored by Global Sources was held in Asia World Expoin Hong Kong. The Four-Day spring electronics exhibition was held on April 21 with great success.

Established in 2005, KINGZONE has its own modern factory. As a brand affiliated to KINGZONE, PANCO has been developed for years and become the leader in trans-border sales of e-commence in China. PANCO become popular among international clients upon its debut. Next, we will review the wonderful moment of KINGZONE in the 2017 spring electronics exhibition with you. Let’s take a look how hot it is.

1.7S02, this is KINGZONE’s booth, PANCO of KINGZONE is outstanding and eye-catching in the main passage:

Bright yellow reflects intelligence, hope, happiness and light. Let KINGZONE remarkable in the exhibition; Professional team represents excellence, trustfulness, high reliability and safe. Client can feel specialty and the smoothness in cooperation.

2. Depending on trendyappearance, fine workmanship, outstanding selling point, high quality, KINGZONE is broadly accepted by each partner. Moreover, out booth is brightly yellowed which attracted clientsfrom all over the world and makes KINGZONE popular and PANCOextraordinarily amazing.

Some clients visited KINGZONE booth many times. The editor feels that KINGZONE’s PANCO is charming.

3. At 4:30 pm on the last day of the exhibition, many booths started to disassemble but KINGZONE’s booth are surrounded by clients.

4. Let’s take a look at the photos taken with clients.

The popularity and broad acceptance from clients can’t be separated from our wonderful products. Next, we will take a look at these key roles of KINGZONE.

Key roles of PANCO in the exhibition:

1. C3, rear dual camera + rear fingerprint

Cool and brilliant, rear dual camera + fingerprint, feel the up-to-date black technology

2. C.MAX, 6.0" large screen, the best ever to see movie

Delicate appearance, fine workmanship, large screen, C.MAX,the best ever to see movie

3. C20,5.5" large screen, anti-shock

Metal framework, back fingerprint, large screen can be drop-resistant

4. C2, 5.0" super thin, anti-shock

Size of main stream, comfortable for handling, spirit in hands

After the introduction of Hong Kong exhibition, let’s take a look at service staff for KINGZONE. They are neat. Aren’t they wonderful?

KINGZONE is our pride. It provides good products and service. Staffs in KINGZONE are always prepared. Let’s meet in Autumn Electronics Show in Hong Kong in October 2017. Let’s see KINGZONE every day.


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