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The year end party of KINGZONE --- Million rewards to the employees


Report from our correspondent: In the night of Dec.27th, KINGZONE, who is specialized in the manufacture of high end smart phones, opened a great year end party in Shenzhen with his suppliers and special distinguished guests in the area of mobile phones .Cooperators from all over the world and journalists from media joined this great party. It is estimated that there were hundreds of guests came together and enjoyed the party.

The CEO of the company, Mr. Allen.Lin gave a speech during the party, in which he summarized the operating experience in the past year. He pointed out that the great performance last year owes to the effort and support from every colleague and supplier. He emphasized that the coming year will be a greater opportunity for KINGZONE in this current situation, that we should be pool our efforts together to win the achievements once again, and consistently provide the best products to our customers.

Group photo of guests and winners

During the award ceremony, Mr. Allen offered 50000RMB, 100000RMB, 150000RMB reward to the departments who have made great contributions and gave full affirmation to the employees. There was also a lottery in the party, the rewards includes Kingzone smartphones and Kingzone tablet. The total rewards is worthy millions of money, which gives a super inspiration to the employees. A manager said that, Kingzone is very confident in its financial asset and the smart group ,they will surely win the market again in the filed of smart phones.

Group photo of the CEO and the reward winners

Mr. Peng from Taiwanwas also invented to give a speech in the party, he said that the gold quality and great service is the key to the success of Kingzone. Another CEO from a solution company said that the future of Kingzone is so promising that he is willing to send half of his people to Kingzone, sparing no effort to help develop the company together. His words won continuous applause from the audience.

At last, Mr.Allen together with all the employees of Kingzone, wished a happy new year for all the present guests and the sincere hope for a great performance in the new year. The year end party was ended with a beautiful song given by an overseas client.


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